Summer, Summer, Summer! How I’m Using Oils to Get Me Through

Summer, Summer, Summer! How I’m Using Oils to Get Me Through

summer favorites

I was thinking of ideas for a post this morning when I realized that a recap of my summer posts is past due. It sucks to scroll through and try to find what you need, so here is a little cheat sheet post for you guys! Simply click on the highlighted words to take yourself to the post you desire. You’re welcome.


Sunburn Issues

The most viewed posts for summer topics are my sunburn spray and sunburn cream entries. With these results from my sunburn cream, I can see why! Just one application overnight amazed not only myself, but everyone I showed. I have this obsession with showing EVERYONE. Sorry, friends and family.


Bikinis and Stretch Marks

My stretch mark post was a super popular post too. I used my frankincense and rose scrub for just four days for these results. I am happy to say that this summer I have been able to wear a bikini and feel comfortable in my own skin.

weight loss

Maintaining/Losing Weight and Kicking Sugar Cravings

My personal sugar addiction story caught people’s attention. This summer, make it your goal to be healthy and happy with your body. Essential oils are a great help and I am so glad I found ones that work for me!


Keeping Bugs Away

Spiders are a big problem in my area come summertime, so I use a peppermint and water combination to shoo them away. So far, we’ve only had one spider enter our house, and that’s because I forgot to spray for a week or two. This post also talks about keeping misquitos away for water and campfire fun.

how to drink more water


My last post was about the importance of hydration and how I make sure that I am drinking enough water. This is a must read! I cannot stress the importance of water enough. Making it fun is a great way to keep up this summer.

get to scrubbing

Shaving and Keeping Skin Soft

I am in LOVE with scrubs. They’re super easy to make and my skin is left feeling soft and beautiful, plus my shaves last much longer. I love my rose petal and frankincense scrub, but my newest favorite is my orange and vanilla creamsicle scrub. Can you say yum?!

strawberry stain

Berry Stains

Summer is the season of wonderful berries and terrible carpet stains. Thankfully, I have thieves cleaner to save my house.

Those are the summer favorite so far! Keep checking back for more summertime oil posts coming soon.

This is my personal testimony. Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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