Bug Bites and Fireworks

Bug Bites and Fireworks


Did you guys have a good 4th? I sure did. I spent mine on a beautiful island in Skagit County. Samish Island is home of some of the best people and firework shows in the world. Well, in my opinion, anyway. With a gorgeous sunset and spectacular firework show, I felt lucky to be an American.

One thing that comes with good outside fun by the water is mosquitos. Normally I would have made my bug spray and brought it with me, but for one, Citronella, which used alone is a great bug repellent, is out of stock, and two, I forgot my other oils because I went straight from work. I’ll share the bug repellent recipe even though I didn’t get a chance to use it last night. Because I didn’t have my spray with me and I refused to wear chemical filled store bought ones, I fought it out. I came home with a few itchy bites. But hey, I didn’t get burned this time. If you did, check out this post.

bye bye bugs

I am terrible with not itching bites that should be left alone. Terrible. I couldn’t wait to get home to get some relief. When I finally did get home, I applied some purification and poof! No more itch. I also added some lavender because I had irritated my poor skin itching it so much earlier.

Do you have a bug bite? Pop out your purification and get to oilin’.

Tell be about your 4th in the comments below.

This is my personal testimony. Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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