Christmas in July

Christmas in July


Ok, guys. I have a confession. I recently started writing for a humor website full time and I have been putting you guys on the back burner. I know, I know. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We’re trying to buy a house, so the added income will hopefully help that. You guys understand, don’t you? I hope so. If you get a chance, check out the site: But, be prepared. It’s not for the weak of heart, and doesn’t necessarily portray my true feelings.

What’s new in my oily world? So much! I recently placed an order with some oils I have never used before like Jade Lemon and Christmas Spirit. I have another order coming with a lot more, so do stay tuned for that.

Christmas Spirit


So. I expected this one to smell more like Christmas trees, but I was not disappointed in any way. The second I opened the bottle, the smell of cinnamon, pine, and orange flooded my nostrils. I was in heaven. I love this oil. It doesn’t really have any purposes that I know of, other than smelling amazing, but that’s ok. It’s well worth it. Actually, it’s super cheap, so you need to add this to your next order, even though it’s only July. I mean, hey, you never know when it could go out of stock. But really, add this oil to your next order. The smell is heavenly. Got sweaty socks in the hamper? Diffuse Christmas Spirit. Got dirty diapers in the pail? Diffuse Christmas Spirit. Got a smoker in the house? Diffuse Christmas Spirit. It is a powerful, yet delightful scent that could cover up just about everything. Think about it like the blanket of snow that covers the ground, your car, the trees, etc.

Jade Lemon


This oil smells similarly to lemon essential oil. It is a bit sweeter smelling, like a cross between a lemon and a lime. It’s very light and refreshing. It’s great to aid in concentration and I like to take a whiff before a big writing spree, which now happens on a daily basis. I also like to dab it on as spot treatment for my acne, but I don’t recommend it if you’re going to be spending time in the sun at any point in the days to follow. Because I am always inside, this is no worry for me. Ha. It’s also a great, quick dinner flavor-er. Add a drop or two to your sauce of choice for salmon or other meal, or mix a drop or two to your drink to add a burst of goodness. This one can be added to pretty much any food to give it a pop.

In the next week or so I should be receiving my next order with oils like Sacred Mountain and black pepper. I will report on those and anything else magnificent that I find over the next few days.

Until next time!

This is my personal testimony. Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

To order oils, click here. You can order as a retail member for full price, or sign up as a wholesale member and purchase the premium starter kit to get 24% off any purchase forever. More information on that here.


2 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. Christmas spirit is on my wish list for my next order! Want to get an early start before everyone jumps in the Christmas bandwagon! Good to know it doesn’t smell like a tree, I can’t wait to try it out.


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