Stomach Aches, Sniffles, and Sorrow

Stomach Aches, Sniffles, and Sorrow


You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while, and for that I do apologize. This last week has been a really tough time for my family and I. A little over a week ago, my great grandma has a massive heart attack with a few smaller ones to follow. The doctors found fluid around her heart and in her lungs. We knew it was just a matter of time before we lost her so we all spent as much time with her as we could. I spent almost every day with her since the weekend of her first heart attack, barely making time for chores and eating. Yesterday, around 11:30 am, as she was moving to the living room as per her request, she suffered another massive heart attack that took her life. None of us were prepared for it. We knew it was coming, but we were so unprepared for the amount of sorrow it would bring us. We all gathered, teary eyed and sorrowful in her house. I have never experienced an ache so horrible.

shirley richter

Along with our sorrow, we were all sick. Whether it be stress and sadness or lack of eating, we were all suffering from either horrible headaches, stomach aches, or a combination of both. My grandma had purchased the premium starter kit a few months before and luckily had the oils at her home where we were all gathered. I found her peppermint and passed it around. My grandma, my great grandma’s daughter, had the worst headache and stuffy nose from crying so she placed a drop on her forehead and rubbed it in. She said her nasal passages were opening rather quickly and her headache was dissipating. It was then passed to my brother because he was suffering from a stuffy nose. He hadn’t ever used oils before, so this was new to him. He placed a drop on his forehead and his passages too were opened.

I didn’t have too horrible of a headache, but I was having a stomach ache like none other. I felt like my stomach was twisted in knots and I was so sick. I placed a drop on my tummy and massaged it in circles into my skin. The aroma was soothing and the whole room seemed to bask in it. Soon, I felt much better. While my sorrows were still there, my cramping was not.


In our saddest of times, peppermint helped us feel a little better physically and that was much appreciated. It was the oil Gram last used too. She loved diffusing it because it smelled so nice and always helped her breathe better. Now when I smell peppermint, I will think of her beauty.

Last night I ended up sleeping 14 hours in a row because sleeping has always been how I deal with sadness. I woke up terribly sad still and decided to use some stress away and joy on my wrist. While they didn’t take away the pain, I was able to go on with my day and do the chores that needed to be done. I buried my sorrows in a cleaning frenzy.

cleaning for sadness

I took my thieves cleaner and set to work cleaning with my daughter. I scrubbed down every door in my house to rid them of finger prints, wiped down the counters, cleaned the floor, wiped down every mirror (we have a ton of those), cleaned the cabinets, washed the dishes, wiped down the inside and outside of our trash cans, emptied the fridge and scrubbed it down from top to bottom, scrubbed the inside of the microwave, spot cleaned the carpet, and then vacuumed and swept. I am still amazed at all the uses of this cleaner. It is so versatile and I feel totally comfortable using it around my daughter.

This is such a tough time for my family and I really appreciate the help the oils have given us to make it just a little bit easier.

Have essential oils helped your family through a hard time? Tell us in the comments about your experience and which oils you used.

This is my personal testimony. Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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