Changes: New Premium Starter Kit, Great Deals, and More!

Changes: New Premium Starter Kit, Great Deals, and More!


I am so excited that June is here, even though is snuck up on me out of nowhere. One moment my daughter was turning one in March, the next it’s almost summertime. I feel like I just blew right through April and May. Anyone else with me?

Now that June is here I want to talk about some of the changes that have happened with this blog and some changes that are in process with Young Living. The first change has already happened and you may have noticed. I finally purchased a domain for my blog! Instead of being, this blog can now be found at I am excited that this has finally become a “big girl” blog. I have put so much hard work and effort into this and I felt that it deserved its very own domain, so here we are.

new domain

Now, onto Young Living’s changes. This month is all sorts of crazy for Young Living. I haven’t mentioned this before because I wanted things to slow down and to make sure to have all the correct information before I passed it on to you guys.

old kit

So, onto business. Right now, Young Living is having an amazing deal going. With the Premium Starter Kit that is currently available, a FREE oil will be being sent out. At random, tangerine, orange, or lemongrass will be selected and added to the other 11 oils (tea tree, lavender, peppermint, lemon, joy, purification, thieves, pan away, stress away, citrus fresh, frankincense) , diffuser, samples, and booklets that already come with the kit. The PSK was already an amazing deal, but this really tops it off. This is a limited time offer for an unknown amount of time.

new kit

That deal sounds great, right? Well, that’s not the only deal happening. We don’t have a specific date yet, but presumably in mid to late June, a new Premium Starter Kit will be coming out. The price will be going up $10, but for good reason. There will still be 11 oils, but it will be a different combination. Young Living will be removing tea tree, joy, and citrus fresh and will be replacing those oils with  RC (awesome for breathing issues, colds, snoring, etc), DiGize (great for stomach pains, cramps, constipation, IBS, etc), and copaiba (good for helping with pain). The new kit will also be including sample bottles, sharing cards, and more. The box is sturdier and it’s an all-around amazing deal.

flex oils

Also, “flex oils” will be included. As you may know, Young Living does not outsource any of their product making. They refuse to have anything but the highest quality and because of that, sometimes things will go out of stock. Young Living has recognized that and created what they call “flex oils”. If one of the oils in the new kit runs out of stock, it will be replaced by orange (great for help with teeth whitening, cooking, energy, etc), lemongrass (amazing for pain and digestive issues), tea tree (which was in the older kit and is great for soothing skin, wrinkles, etc), citrus fresh (also in the older kit and great for energizing), or aroma ease (super awesome for helping with stress and energy levels).

which kit

Both deals are amazing and it’s all personal choice. If you want to save $10 and get the free bonus oil with the older kit that will soon be going out of stock soon, the first deal is for you. If this is your deal, I recommend ordering right away so that you don’t miss it.

If you are excited to try out the new kit and want something new and fresh that includes more sharing opportunities, the new kit is the deal for you. If this is the deal for you, wait until mid to late June for the release to order.

Which one are you choosing? Both deals are spectacular and I approve of either choice you make!

This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

To order oils, click here. You can order as a retail member for full price, or sign up as a wholesale member and purchase the premium starter kit to get 24% off any purchase forever. More information on that here

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