Sunburn Relief

Sunburn Relief


Summer is coming up on us at full speed this year. Even here in Washington, we’ve had a few really nice days. As we do our outside activities and life gets busy, we sometimes forget to apply sunblock. While the activities that lead to burns may be fun, the hot, sticky, and painful feeling that they bring is never welcomed. Aloe is a great way to help relieve those symptoms, but adding essential oils can give it a super boost.

My first piece of advise would be to use sunblock to prevent burns, but for those occasional and busy times that we forget, I suggest trying a mixture of lavender essential oils, aloe vera, and water to help soothe your skin. Aloe has great healing properties, but lavender can add that extra boost.

sunburn spray

I have four ounce spray bottles and aloe gel, so here is the mixture that we use for those painful burns: two ounces aloe gel, two ounces water, and 20 drops of lavender essential oil. If you have liquid aloe, you don’t have to use water as a mixer. 10 drops of rose essential oil is a great addition to this mixture, but it can be rather expensive. Shake up the ingredients and spray onto burns a few times daily or when needed. Lavender is great for skin and is also super relaxing. It is important to let your body rest after getting a burn, so it’s great that the lavender not only helps soothe burns, it also helps with relaxation and rest.

protect your skin

Tell us in the comments below how you got your sunburn and for bonus points, make a promise that you won’t do it again!

Also, don’t forget that the May contest is on the brink of being over!

This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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