Thieves Cleaner

Thieves Cleaner

Thieves Cleaner

So, I have found another one of my life’s great loves: Thieves Cleaner. I read so much about it and how it cleaned other people’s carpets, windows, bathrooms, etc. As I am with everything I try, I was a teeny bit skeptical. You would think by now I would stop being a skeptic with these oils and products because I am blown away every time, but I can’t help it. I have yet to find a product that I have purchased from Young Living that has not completely shocked me with how much it has helped my family. I love everything Young Living.

thieves cleaner

Anyway. I love this cleaner for a trillion reasons. The main reason I love it is because not only is it all natural and not chemical filled, it is safe around kids and pets. I don’t know about you, but my child has to be practically on top of me while I am cleaning and there is no way I can get it all done during nap time. She loves to help and I don’t want to discourage that so I need a cleaner that is safe around kids. This is the only cleaner that I’ve found that actually does a good job that is safe to use around my daughter. Plus, it doesn’t stink. It actually smells really good. Have you ever found a cleaner that smells good? Probably not. This is your new best friend, I promise.


I also love this cleaner because it is multipurpose. You simply mix it with water in different ratios (shown in the picture) to clean anything from windows and mirrors to carpets, floors, bathrooms, kitchen spills, clothes, etc. One cleaner can do all that! Super cool, in my opinion.

strawberry stain

I have a one year old who is a super messy eater. Her clothes are ALWAYS getting stained. I use this cleaner to remove the stain in no time. She also loves to throw food on the floor. Have you ever tried cleaning strawberry juice out of your carpet? It can be a pain, but Thieves Cleaner makes it easy. We use it for our counters to wipe away germs, we use it to clean our toilets, showers, and other bathroom surfaces, we add it to our dish water, our laundry, EVERYTHING!

And the other main reason I love this cleaner is because it’s CHEAP. So cheap. How much does a normal bathroom cleaner cost? $3-4 a bottle, maybe more? Thieves cleaner costs $0.30-1.00 per 24 oz bottle on average. That’s amazing!

Why wouldn’t you use this cleaner? It’s all natural, safe around kids and pets, really cheap, and works on almost every surface. I can’t see a reason not to have this in every household!

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This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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