My Newest Oily Lover: Orange

My Newest Oily Lover: Orange

busy bee

I’ve been doing a lot of DIY posts recently, which I think are awesome and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from them, but I have been so busy these last few days and haven’t had time to make any new oily products to share with you, so today I am going to talk about my newest favorite oil. Now, my favorite oil changes quite frequently because I love them all so much and depending on the day and what I need for that period of time, it’s different.

Anyway, down to business. What my new favorite oil? Can you guess? I hope you can get this one, it’s in the title. Orange! Yes. I am loving orange with a passion right now.


Last night I did my first ever vendor event. I’ve done a few classes and love doing those, but I have never done a vendor event. When I go, I go big, so instead of just picking an event and going to one, I decided to make my own event. That’s right. I organized a huge event even though I had never even attended one before. I got together 15 vendors and set off. Long story short, I organized the event, had the event, and then cleaned up the event. I finally hopped into bed at maybe 11 or so and had the absolute hardest time falling asleep, knowing that I would have to get up at 3:00 this morning for work.


I applied peppermint to my forehead to help wake me up because I didn’t have time to diffuse it, plus I had a killer headache and went about my day, awake as possible and headache free. It was a little beyond crazy at work because we were hosting a large fund raising event and by the time I got home and laid my daughter down for a nap, I was so tired. I knew that I had stuff to do (like writing a post for you guys! and cleaning my house… maybe) so I decided to break out my brand new bottle of orange and diffuse a few drops of that.


I set my diffuser next to my desk and set out to do some work, feeling a little sleepy. In no more than 10 minutes, I was completely awake and ready to start my afternoon. It was crazy! I know that peppermint wakes me up in no time and lemon is good for that too, but I was pretty amazed at how well the this worked.

On top of being a great wake-me-up, orange  is one of the best smelling oils out there. Yum!

If you’re in need of a natural energizer and something that smells delicious, you have found your oil. I recommend this times a million to everyone! We can all use a little energy, am I right?

orange mixers

Stress Away has a heavenly vanilla-y smell that is great with orange for a fun and stress free atmosphere.

Peppermint is wonderful to mix it with because not only does it smell good, it also is the ultimate wake-me-up.

Grapefruit. No explanation necessary.

Do some mixing of your own and tell us what you came up with!

What can I use orange for?

uses of orange

Wake-Me-Up- As I described above, orange is wonderful to energize and invigorate. Diffuse it or add a drop to your water in the mornings or during those afternoon crashes.

Teeth Whitening- Add a drop to your toothpaste in the morning for a tasty cleaning and help with getting whiter teeth!

Weight Loss- Add a few drops to water to help break down fat.

Remove Sticky Labels– If you don’t have lemon, orange works to remove sticky labels too.

Boosts Immunity- Diffuse or add to water to help boost your immunity and fight those colds.

Fights Acne- Add a drop to your daily moisturizer to help prevent and fight acne and reduce scarring. You can also make it into a scrub!

Constipation Help- Orange is amazing for removing toxins from the body so not only does it help boost your immunity, it helps get rid of excess gas and soothe constipation and other stomach issues.

Calming- While orange can be energizing, it can also be very calming when bad emotions are running high.


How do you use orange? Let us know in the comments below! I love fan mail and would love for you guys to email me about how you use essential oils in your life! Feel free to ask questions as well and give me suggestions for future posts. The feedback is great!

Stay tuned for future posts on my newest oils that came in yesterday including grapefruit, ocotea (great for weight loss), eucalyptus, and three of the new Infused 7 Oola oils, plus the thieves clean-all solution.

This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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