Oh, Baby! Oils for the Little Ones in Our Lives

Oh, Baby! Oils for the Little Ones in Our Lives

oh baby

As hard as I have searched, I have come to find that babies have no handbooks. There’s no instructions. One day they’re just thrown upon us and we set out to take care of this teeny tiny person. It can be hard, but it is oh so beautiful. Sometimes we have help, sometimes we do it alone, sometimes we want to give up, and sometimes we figure out exactly what we’re doing.

Raising a baby can be so difficult, but since I have set out on my oily journey, I have come to find it a little easier.

First off, I want to mention that oils are best diffused for babies and children because they are ever so strong. Using one or two drops will be enough. If you are going to put it on their skin, use one drop per 2 tablespoons of carrier oil like coconut oil. A relaxing massage is great for them! Stick to Young Living oils because they are the purest on the market. You want to make sure the oils you are using are 100% therapeutic. Their skin is so delicate!


Diaper Rash

My little lady didn’t get diaper rash often, but when she did it was really bad. We changed her diaper often and tried using store bought creams. It took over a week for it to go away sometimes with the store bought creams and I honestly believe they made the rash last longer. I found a recipe for a natural mixture that I am much more comfortable using. Their skin is so soft and new and it’s amazing how many chemicals are in the store bought creams. It is actually scary to me.

diaper rash cream


This is another issue my little one didn’t really deal with. However, she used to fill her little body up with so much milk that she would throw up these terrible puddles 3+ times a day. I wish I would have had this solution during that stage of life. Diffusing oils is a great one for this. I recommend lavender and peppermint. Lavender is extremely calming and peppermint can help with nausea and upset tummies. If your baby’s colic is really bad, massage a drop of lavender or dill essential oil with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. The massage will be soothing to their tummy and oils will work to calm the colic. Apply to their back if necessary.


This is one I have dealt with a lot. As a nursing momma, I co-slept in the beginning. It wasn’t until recently that we started putting my little one in her own room. She started having the hardest time getting to sleep and staying asleep. She would wake up three times a night and I would bring her into our room and nurse her back to sleep. It was so hard on both of us but it was important to me that she learned to sleep in her on room. I love sleeping with her and we still do it a lot, but I also want her to be able to nap and go to bed without having me by her side the whole time. Without nap time alone, I wasn’t able to get much done. We struggled for a while and then I started using lavender. I noticed a HUGE difference. I would mix two teaspoons (for a younger baby, use tablespoons instead) with one drop of lavender and rub it on her whole body. She loved the massage. She went from waking up three or more times a night to sleeping through the entire night. Her naps also went from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, and on some day I even get two and a half hours out of her. Crazy, right? If you want to know more on that story- click here.



As our little ones get older, teeth start to pop through. It seems like such a long period of time and it’s so tough for both momma and baby. Try out this recipe to push that pain away! Thieves helps keep the mouth clean and relieves pain, while lavender is calming, and clove and peppermint are numbing. Store this mixture in a glass container and use up to three times a day to keep that tooth pain at bay.

teething cream

For those nursing mommas, check out oils to help increase milk supply and which oils you should stay away from- here.

Remember ladies, we are doing the best that we can!

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This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

4 thoughts on “Oh, Baby! Oils for the Little Ones in Our Lives

  1. Hi Lexi! Great blog with great tips. My husband & I are raising 2 children now 15 & 9. Wish I had this info way back then. Using oils to help with my allergies m Good luck to you. Funny, my nickname is Lexie. Take care!


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