Cleaning with Lemon

Cleaning with Lemon


My boyfriend and I moved into our first rental together a few months ago. It’s a cute little three bedroom house with lots of space and a nice sized kitchen with a large sink. I love the sink because I do all my dishes by hand. We have a working dishwasher, but I, for whatever strange reason, like dishes to be cleaned right after they are used. Having a big sink makes it a lot easier to hand wash our dishes. However, I was very uncomfortable laying our clean dishes in it while I rinsed them. It had a strange brown stain all over it and I had no idea what it was. There is something about stains from past renters that really grosses me out. I suppose it would probably gross out most people, so I’m not too weird. We tried cleaning it out with bleach and got no results. Bleach takes out almost all stains, so I was pretty surprised that it wouldn’t take out this one. Gross, right?


I know I shouldn’t have tried bleach because it is a terrible chemical and I feel really bad about it. To fix my mistake I decided to use lemon essential oil. Because bleach couldn’t take out the stain, I wasn’t sure if the lemon would work. Again, I was amazed. I used a few drops of lemon and water and scrubbed away. The stain was lifted! Woah. A stain that bleach wouldn’t remove from my sink was removed with the use of lemon essential oil. That’s pretty impressive, in my opinion.

I also used it to clean our shower recently… I couldn’t get it clean with store bought household cleaners, but tried the recipe above and here are the results.



It worked so awesome! Our shower went from disgusting (it was previous renters who made that nastiness), to amazing in just a few minutes.

Plus, it smells so good. I am not a big fan of the smell of bleach. We use it where I work to sanitize and I always come home with a headache. Lemon is so much better. I love that something as simple as lemon essential oil can be used as a cleaner and not just any cleaner, an all natural and safe to use cleaner. I feel much better using it in my house with my little one running around, getting into everything. Plus, it can even be used to clean grease stains out of clothes. I’ll be needing that soon, I’m sure.


Other great cleaners include:

Thieves– Helps kill nasty household germs

Purification- Check out my post on how purification cleaned my bath tub after a big “uh-oh” on Easter and my other post on how it cleans my air and gets rid of nasty smells

Tea Tree

and many more.

Also, check out how I used lemon to remove the sticky labels off some baby food jars for a project!

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This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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