Muscle Soreness & PanAway

Muscle Soreness & PanAway

Muscle soreness is a pretty common issue in people of all ages. Whether it be a growing child, a hard-working man, an office woman, or an elderly person, muscle soreness is not fun.

My boyfriend is currently working 60 hour weeks doing hard labor with only one day off and he works out almost every evening for about an hour as well. Fitness is important to him and while he usually enjoys the soreness because it means he worked hard, sometimes it is too much for him. Last night he did some shoulder workouts and really felt it. He asked me to rub his back so I decided that PanAway would be a good addition to the massage. I rubbed in a layer of coconut oil and a drop of PanAway on each shoulder. I rubbed it all in, all over his back as well as his shoulders. After his twenty minute massage, he was feeling much better. His muscles didn’t ache anymore and he was very grateful.


PanAway is great for muscle, joint, and bone soreness. It’s been known to help with arthritis and carpal tunnel as well and speeds up the time of healing for bruises. It has some of the best pain blocking agents and it’s wintergreen fresh scent is to die for.

It’s important to dilute PanAway with a carrier oil because it is so powerful and can be irritating if applied directly to the skin. A layer of coconut oil applied first is enough to do the job of protection. It is also important to know that PanAway should not be taken internally.

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This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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