Baby Pooped in the Tub? Lemon and Purification to Save the Day

Baby Pooped in the Tub? Lemon and Purification to Save the Day

Today is Easter so my little family was getting ready for the big day. While I was doing the dishes from this morning’s French toast breakfast, my boyfriend was bathing my daughter. She was playing hard in the water when out of nowhere, I hear my name being called. I could hear the rushed tone of my boyfriend’s voice and hurried in. I looked down in the bathtub and there it was. Poop.


When you become a parent, nothing seems to gross you out anymore, but this one got me. I had made it a whole year without this happening, but I guess today was my lucky day. We took her out of the tub and got her all cleaned up and snuggled. She seemed quite traumatized by the event. My boyfriend did the job of scooping out the poop with a plastic cup into the toilet. We didn’t want to put bleach in the tub because it is so harmful to skin. We decided on lemon and Purification essential oil.


[Ashlyn and Daddy snuggling after the traumatizing event]

We filled the bath with hot water and added four drops of lemon as well as four drops of Purification. In no time our entire house smelled like the lovely mixture. We let the tub sit for a half hour and then drained it. Both lemon and Purification are really good for cleaning and disinfecting and are so pure and natural. We felt much better about the situation and were able to go on with our routine.

Other Awesome Disinfecting Oils:


Citrus Fresh



Tea Tree

Next time you have a “baby uh-oh” event, try one of these cleansing oils and feel safe that not only will your surfaces be clean, they’ll be chemical free.

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This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

12 thoughts on “Baby Pooped in the Tub? Lemon and Purification to Save the Day

  1. This has happened to me plenty of times! I have three kids, Lol
    My house smelled like chlorine after all instances, it’s nice to know there are natural alternatives to cleaning and disinfecting


    1. Fun, isn’t it? I thought I would escape without having it happen, but I was not quite lucky enough! I love essential oils for cleaning and use them all the time. Making my own cleaners makes me feel so much better.


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