PanAway and Valor: Help for the “Right Before a Holiday” Shopping Trip

PanAway and Valor: Help for the “Right Before a Holiday” Shopping Trip

After staying up late last night, getting up at 3:30 a.m., and working until 11, my boyfriend and I remembered that we needed to go grocery shopping to get supplies for the potato salad we were to make for a party the next day. No big deal, go mid-afternoon on a Friday before people get off work, right? Wrong. What we failed to remember was that not only is today the first of the month when a lot of people get paid, it is also a holiday with an ever bigger holiday coming up on Sunday. With every shopping cart taken and what looked like hundreds of people, we did our shopping. Since we have no days off together ever, we try to do our shopping on the weekends when I work because I get off early. Because we had pushed our shopping off to this time of the week, we had to do our normal shopping on top of the salad supplies. It took us quite some time.


I had a headache for most of the day and the shopping with so many people around make it ten times worse. It wasn’t super stressful to me or anything, it was just that so much was going on around me. Once we got home, my headache continued to get worse. I drank some water, ate food, but that didn’t help like I thought it would. Because I am breastfeeding, there isn’t a lot of over the counter medicine I can take and I’m not into that stuff anyway. Before oils, I just fought through any headaches that came my way. Not fun. Today I decided that Valor and PanAway would be my go to.

I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of headache I had, and since there are different oils for different types of headaches, I decided to go with the most versatile option: the tension headache. Luckily I chose the right option. I’ll talk about the other options further down in this post.


Because my skin is sensitive, I applied a layer of coconut oil to the back of my neck as well as to my temples and forehead first. On top of that, I rubbed in a drop of Valor in each area and a drop of PanAway on top of that. A layer of peppermint is recommended to put on top as well, but because it has stimulating properties and it was evening, I decided against that. Just the Valor and PanAway helped immensely. Within a few minutes my headache was gone.

I sat down with my boyfriend to watch a little bit of Bates Motel, our newest series, and half expected my headache to come back. It didn’t. We sat for a little bit, watching the show, and I felt a little pop in my neck. It felt pretty darn good. I wasn’t even aware that my neck wasn’t fully in place, so that was a bonus!

Like I mentioned before, there are many different types of headaches. There are different oils for different ones, so if this didn’t work for you, perhaps trying some other oil combinations might help.

Oils for Specific Types of Headaches


Migraines- Migraines can last for a really long time and bring so much pain and even be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. No fun. For this type of headache, try applying M-Grain directly to the area of pain, behind the neck and ears, as well as your temples. PanAway and Valor along with spearmint are known to help with these headaches too.

Tension- As I mentioned above, this was the type of headache I had. It’s a constant ache or pressure that doesn’t really stop you from doing anything, but is pretty painful.  I placed a layer of coconut oil, a drop of Valor, and a drop of PanAway on the back of my neck and on my forehead/temple area. Peppermint is recommended too, but if it’s late at night lavender would be a good substitute because it isn’t stimulating, but it is calming.

Sinus- Ugh. Sinus headaches are so terrible. Pain through the nasal area and bridge of your nose is a sign of a sinus headache. R.C., Breathe Again, and Deep Relief rubbed along the sinus area should help provide relief. The roll-ons for Breathe Again and Deep Relief are awesome for that. For pain on one side of the head that seems to appear in cycles, try Frankincense instead of R.C.

What kind of headaches do you get? Tell me how you deal with them in the comments below.

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This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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