Aromatherapy and Your Diffuser

Aromatherapy and Your Diffuser

Aromatherapy is one of the most used and popular forms of therapy and has been around for thousands of years.

Today I want to talk about the Young Living diffusers. When I first got mine, I was a little confused on how it all worked and how I should actually use it. With more research and a little at home exploring with my diffuser and oils, I found what I needed.

First we will talk about the basics.

Two Basic Types of Diffusers

Dew Drop Diffuser- This is the diffuser that came in my kit. It retails for $154, which is more expensive than the kit itself. That’s a great deal, but as this was a promotional deal, it usually does not come with the premium starter kit. The home diffuser that retails at $98 is the one that normally comes in the kit, but we will get there in a minute. The Dew Drop is super simple to use. It starts with the push of a button and has a blue night light option. It shuts off after four hours, plus it also works as a humidifier.


Home Diffuser- This is what most people will see in their premium starter kits. Since it retails for $98 and the starter kit is only $150 and also includes 11 different oils and 24% off any future purchases, I recommend purchasing the whole kit instead of just the diffuser. Here is more information on that. It has a rose-like design with LED light features as well and also works as a humidifier. It can be run continuously or intermittently.

There are other diffusers, including the Aria Ultrasonic, Bamboo, Aromalux Atomizing, and the Rainstone Ultrasonic. They all disperse oils into the air in different ways. I am going to focus on the main two for now, just so we can get the feel of diffusers and how to use them without bringing in more complicated matters.

Travel/Work Diffusers

There are some places that aren’t ideal for bringing a big diffuser, and thankfully, Young Living has made smaller diffusers to ensure we aren’t without our precious diffusers all together.

Traveling Fan Diffuser- This is a small diffuser that can be plugged in or run on batteries. It’s very portable and disperses oils and cold air through an oil pad.

USB Diffuser- These are super portable! Just like any other USB drive, these sticks can be plugged into your desktop or laptop. These are great for the office and will disperse oils in 10, 30, and 60 second intervals. You simply fill the oil cartridge and plug it into a USB port. Super simple!

Using Your Diffuser

My favorite way to use essential oils is through my diffuser. I love that not only do they make my house smell good, they also make my air feel cleaner and give me the emotional and physical advantages of using the oils. With the Home and Dew Drop diffusers, you simply add 5-8 drops of oil and water filled to the line provided for you. I personally use tap water for my Dew Drop diffuser, as that was what was recommended in my instruction manual. For stronger smelling oils, use less oil. You can even mix oils. Cederwood and lavender, spearmint and orange, joy and lemon, etc. I love peppermint and thieves as well.

What Diffusing Oils Can Do For You

Eliminates odors– Tired of smoke, pet, teenage boy, and mildew odors? Purification is perfect for helping eliminate those odors and replacing them with a nice citrus-y smell. Lemon works well too.

Calms emotions- Joy, Stress Away, and Peace and Calming are great for this.

Kill germs- Thieves is great for this. In ten-twelve minutes, it can help clear your air of nasty flu and other germs. Mix it with peppermint or lemon for an extra boost.

Gives you energy- Some oils can help boost your energy level. Peppermint is a great option for this.

Promotes better sleep- Lavender, cedarwood, Peace and Calming, and Valor are very soothing options that are sure to help you wind down and fall asleep faster.

Wards away bugs– In the summertime, nasty bugs can be warded away by diffusing purification and peppermint.

There are so many ways to use your diffuser, and with time and a little bit of play, you will start to figure out what works best for you and your family.

How Long Can I Run My Diffuser?

This is one question that I had. I had to figure this one out on my own, as I couldn’t find much about it online. It all really depends on what oil you are using. If you look at the back of your specific oil, it will tell you how long to diffuse each one and how often you should diffuse it. Some can only be diffused ten minutes at a time, while some can be diffused for hours. You diffuser should have a timer and shut off after a certain amount of time, depending on which one you have.

Cleaning Your Diffuser

Once you’ve gotten your diffuser, tried oils in it, and fallen in love, you might wonder how you should clean it. In between oils, I recommend getting a warm, soft cloth and wiping our your diffuser. Every week or so, fill your diffuser half way with water and fill the other half with vinegar. Let this diffuse for a few hours, wipe it out, and start diffusing your oils again like normal.

Why Diffuse Young Living

Not all essential oils are the same. Cheaper is NOT better. Using cheap oils can be very harmful to you and your family. I love diffusing Young Living because I know they are so pure. I am comfortable with them being diffused in my house because they are 100% therapeutic grade a not filled with man-made substances.  Young Living oils don’t even have expiration dates because they are so pure that they never expire.

What are your favorite oils to diffuse? Comment below!

To order oils and diffusers, click here. You can order as a retail member for full price, or sign up as a wholesale member and purchase the premium starter kit to get 24% off any purchase forever. More information on that here

This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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