Purification: Smoke, Pet, Shoe, and Mildew Odors be Gone! Natural Bug Repellent Too? Oh, Yes!

Purification: Smoke, Pet, Shoe, and Mildew Odors be Gone! Natural Bug Repellent Too? Oh, Yes!

Purification essential oil from Young Living is an oil blend containing citronella, lemongrass, myrtle, lavender,  rosemary, and tea tree oils. It smells absolutely delightful and it is one of my favorite oils. This oil is so awesome for purifying air and neutralizing odors. Plus, it’s EarthKosher certified!

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My boyfriend, one year old daughter, and I moved into our house a few months ago. I noticed some mildew-y smelling areas, such as the closet in our bedroom. Another smell I wasn’t enjoying in our house was the smell of diapers. We depose of them outside, but somehow our house still had a lingering smell of poopy diapers. Not pleasant and super embarrassing when people came over. I researched a little bit to see what oils we could use to help and decided on the Purification blend. It came in the premium starter kit so we had it already. How awesome is that?

How to Use Purification For Odors

Whether your odor problem be mildew, smoke, stinky dog (cat, bunny, turtle, etc), or smelly shoes, here are some ways to use Purification.

Place four or five drops in your diffuser– This is the option we use. I place my diffuser in the room the odors are coming from and the smell is gone in no time. It even knocks out the smell of my boyfriend’s stinky work socks after a ten hour day. Yep.

Place a few drops on a cotton ball and place it in the area that the odor is coming from, or in your vents so that each time the heat or AC kicks in, you get a blast of Purification.

Add a few drops to your laundry if you forget to take it out of the washer for too long. Simply add a few drops to the area your soap goes. Make sure not to place it directly on the clothes, as it could stain them. You can also add a few drops to the dryer sheet. Joy is another great oil for laundry smell.

For shoes, just add a few drops to each one.


Other Purification Uses

Natural bug repellent- Rub a few drops on exposed areas to ward away bugs like mosquitos and ticks. Peppermint, tea tree, and lemon are other great options for this. Make a mist by combining five drops each of lemon and purification, along with a couple ounces of water. This can be used for pets too.

Cleanser for cuts, scrapes, and bug bites- This is a great soothing cleanser for small skin cuts and scrapes, as well as bug bites. Place a drop on the affected area right away and it will help bring relief. Mix with a carrier oil such as coconut oil for really sensitive skin.

Acne- Mix a few drops with coconut oil for a moisturizing acne fighting cream that will help provide smooth, soft skin and fewer blemishes.

To order oils, click here. You can order as a retail member for full price, or sign up as a wholesale member and purchase the premium starter kit to get 24% off any purchase forever. More information on that here

Comment below and tell me how you use Purification!

This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.


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