Joy! My Mood, Party, and Laundry Helper

Joy! My Mood, Party, and Laundry Helper

My daughter turned the big ONE yesterday! I have always heard the saying that the hours go by slowly, but the years fly by. I now know what that means. Having a child has shown me how precious time is.


Yesterday I was feeling a little emotional because my baby is growing too fast. I was holding back tears all day. I kept looking at her and wondering how this all happened so fast. All you mommas know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.

To top off my already emotional state, I went to Target to check out some last minute supplies. It was just a quick trip and I didn’t even bother to bring the diaper bag. My car decided differently. When I was done shopping, I went to turn it on and it would not start. My grandpa came and checked the battery and that helped nothing. I was in tears. I had ice cream melting in the back and I was running low on time to get everything all ready for when everyone showed up at my house. I was a mess. I was running on such little sleep and everything that could go wrong did. My daughter got something orange all over her party dress, my car broke down, and it was really just not my day.


Mood Helper

When I finally got home, I called various towing companies, got everything ready for the party, and started my diffuser. I decided to add Joy essential oil blend to help lighten my mood a bit. It worked right away. In no time, I was feeling so much better about life! I was able to get my mind off of my car and my emotional state, and into birthday party mode. I love the light, flowery smell. A little touch of rose, a tad bit of lemon, and a few other awesome ingredients make for the perfect essential oil blend. My diffuser is placed in my kitchen but it dispersed the smell throughout my whole house for hours.

Party Helper

Not only did this help me feel so much better about life, it helped my guests as well. I could tell that everyone was in an upbeat mood, despite being crammed into a room with people they didn’t know. This was the first time my boyfriend’s family and my family met, yet there was no awkwardness. Everyone was so happy and upbeat. I loved seeing people walk over to the diffuser and take in a deep breath and let out a happy sigh. Plus, it was a great way to get information about my oils out there to people! I had so many great questions asked and it was wonderful to tell everyone what each oil helps with and have such great interest from them. If you are having any sort of get together, I highly recommend having your oils out and your diffuser going. People are so interested in learning about them!

Laundry Helper

I also love Joy for laundry. I place a drop or two onto my dryer sheets and throw into my dryer, along with my clothes. It makes them smell so wonderful. I personally love the flowery smell, but you can always use different oils for your laundry. Lemon and orange work great for all you fruity smell lovers. Add thieves for that extra boost during cold season.

Joy is such a wonderful oil. It’s a great pick-me-up and is great for helping with depression and bad moods. Plus, who doesn’t love a light, flowery smell added to their laundry routine?

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This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement. I am not paid for any sort of product placement. 

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