Oils While Nursing

Oils While Nursing

My beautiful little girl is almost a year old and still nursing. There are no signs of her stopping any time soon, and honestly I am grateful for that. It provides such great closeness between the two of us. I have always been a cautious nurser, making sure nothing goes into my milk stream that shouldn’t. When I started using essential oils, I did some research to see what oils were good for nursing and which ones were bad. I kept coming across sites that told me not to use oils while nursing. It didn’t make sense to me. These oils are supposed good for you, yet we must steer from using them while nursing? I did a little more research and found that these warnings were for low quality oils from companies that include chemicals and toxins in their oils. I refined my search to using Young Living oils while nursing and I got much better results. Most oils you can use while nursing. There are even some that can help bring up milk supply!


Oils to Avoid

The Young Living website suggests to avoid excessive use of these oils while nursing:

Clary Sage





These oils can be known to be expressed into the milk stream, change the taste of milk, or decrease milk supply.

Oils to Use to Help Increase Milk Supply

Many mommas out there are struggling to create enough milk for their little ones. It causes many to simply stop nursing. I encourage you to not give up! When I first started nursing, I created enough milk for at least a set of two babies. My daughter would eat so much that she would throw up huge puddles two to three times a day. Gross, I know, but little did I know, I would soon miss those days. Once I started working, my supply started going down. I am only working two or three days a week, but the pumping I am able to do at work does not match my nursing schedule at home. I cried so many times because I was afraid I would soon run out. My daughter loves nursing and I love it too. I would have to stay up late at night to get an extra pumping session in so that I would have enough milk for her while I was working. As you mommas know, our sleep is sacred and having to take a half hour away for pumping sucks. I started looking into milk increasing oils and this is what I found.

These two oils are meant to help increase milk supply:


Fennel seed is known for being used in Mother’s Milk Tea. Fennel essential oil is a more potent dose of fennel than the plant that Mother’s Milk Tea is made of.

To use this oil, dilute two drops with two tablespoons of coconut oil and apply to the breast and around the lymph area. Do not get this on your nipple. It is best to do this right after you have nursed so there is as much time in between the time this is applied and your next nursing session. Do not use this more than ten days in a row. After ten days of use, take off a few days and continue use again if necessary.


Basil can be used the same was as fennel. Apply two drops mixed with two tablespoons of coconut oil to the breast, but not the nipple. You may also apply this mixture to the bottoms of your feet and the part of the spine around your breast area. Unlike fennel, basil can be used for more than ten days in a row.

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This is my personal testimony.  Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.

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